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Lesser-known benefits of upgrading your CMS

while security, performance, and features are all important benefits of upgrading a CMS that are often discussed, there are other lesser known, one might even say hidden, benefits that are frequently overlooked. Here are a few examples: One benefit of upgrading a CMS that is often overlooked is improved accessibility. As digital accessibility guidelines continue …

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Migrating from Sitecore to Umbraco – A 30,000 foot view

Sitecore and Umbraco are both .NET based CMS (or more recently DXP) platforms. There is one major difference however, in that Sitecore is a regular CMS platform owned and developed by one company, while Umbraco is an open-source platform. Reasons for moving from Sitecore to Umbraco are many and varied, but be aware that migrating …

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CMS Upgrading Pitfalls: Integrations

CMS (or DXPs – Digital eXperience Platforms – as the industry has srtarted to call them) are becoming more and more powerful every day. In addition to serving as the face of the entity’s digital presence, they also provide a central platform for creating, editing, and publishing content, as well as managing user permissions, and …

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AI and personalization

AI has upended the way we approach website personalization. Personalization has been around for some time allowing customization of the content, design, and overall experience for individual users based on their past behavior, interests, and preferences. While AI can undoubtedly improve website personalization, it is not a foolproof solution. In fact, if not implemented correctly, …

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