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Creating impact stories through Technical Contribution 

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“I can be my best when I help you be your best – Ubuntu!”.

Spreading the wings of knowledge across the technology landscape is one of the best forms of community contributions as it enables and helps develop the skillsets & proficiencies through others’ lenses. The technology ecosystem is very dynamic, volatile, and inventive. New updates, complex APIs, customized environments, releases, and new versions are launched and released quite frequently. Hence, it becomes imperative for all engineers across the globe to remain immersed in the ocean of new updates and keep their technical portfolio relevant to the current market demands.

In such a volatile marketplace, the agility to quickly gain expertise over the new technology or the latest releases becomes the winning key! However, the million-dollar question is HOW and WHERE?

“Is there any platform that can be referred to be aware of the new technology/update releases?”

“Is there any free community platform that provides the content to gain an understanding and expertise?”

An offering to the tech community

At NashTech Global, under the umbrella of the ‘Knowledge Contribution’ initiative, aimed to enable and empower the engineering community, a strategic approach has been developed to help engineers across the globe to become aware of new technologies or updates. This initiative has created a potential platform that allows engineers across the globe to access a wide range of content and information aimed to gain the required knowledge and expertise.

Creating such an ecosystem was not difficult but sustainability and usability were!

Armed with our organization’s guiding principles that encourage our employees to improve themselves by 1% daily, our engineers started to gain an in-depth understanding of the technologies and the newer versions and started to contribute back to the community in the forms of blogs, open-source contributions, writing technical books, developing accelerated templates, and hosting webinars & conferences. All such contributions are routed to common platforms like YouTube (recording of the sessions and webinars that cover the emerging technologies along with used cases), GitHub repositories, WordPress (blogs on the latest technologies, their usage, and potential), Open-source contributions, etc.

Contributing back to the community became the strongest cultural pillar of the organization. Our engineers started to feel valued for their contributions to creating a difference in others’ lives and helping them become better versions of themselves.

The impact Story

The initiative started spreading its flavor of enrichment across the engineering ecosystem. Millions of engineers globally started using our resources and contributions. These contributions, especially the blogs, open-source, technical sessions, books, etc. have helped engineers to offer innovative tech solutions to their clients. Our online course offerings through the Udemy platform have gained 6K+ enrolled engineers who have invested more than 248 learning hours to enhance their skills. This initiative has also enabled a lot of other IT organizations to re-engineer their operating models.


Total Blogs in the platform (WordPress): 4856 
Total Blogs (Y 2022) 1288 
Visitors (Y 2022) 1.66 million 
Views (Y 2022) 3 million 

NashKnolX (Technical sessions and Webinars) – Our YouTube Channel: 

Subscribers: 2.71K 
Total Session Videos 771 
Total Views 460,244 

Open Source: 

Contributions (Overall): 565
Contributions (Y 2022): 407 

Accelerated Templates: 

Templates (Overall): 2044 
Templates (Y 2022): 1273 
Downloads: 2435 

PMO Templates: 

Templates (Overall): 45 


Total Repositories: 2.3K 

Online Course Offerings (Udemy): 

Total Courses: 9 
Total Enrolled Students: 6194 
Minutes Taught: 14896 

Giving back to the community and helping others become the best version of themselves is one of the supreme approaches to creating a significant winning impact across the globe and across lives. We are happy to bear the baton that creates a difference!

The impact stories continues …



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