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Does everyone deserve to have a good leader?

Quynh Diep Lan
Quynh Diep Lan
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Does everyone deserve to have a good leader?

When we start a new job in a new company, what do we usually concern about and characterize as a good job? That may be:
1. The job description
2. The benefits and salary package
3. The culture of working environments and so on…

However, we usually don’t pay much attention about who we will be working with until we accepted an offer and started working with “people”. Some people are lucky enough to find out that their teammates and especially the leaders are one of the main reasons motivating them to start a new working day with energy and innovation. But this is not the case for everyone, some people eventually recognize that they have everything but a good leader. This often turns out to be one of the key reasons why people leave.

Started to work for NashTech 11 years ago and having the opportunity to contribute as a junior position to now as a servant leader, I strongly believe that “everyone deserves to have a good leader”.

Looking back on what I had done and what my leaders had done for me/ the team, I see that becoming a good leader is such a journey that we have to nurture consistently the below factors everyday…

Trusted and Respected

There are 2 ways we judge the others:

In general, before people decide what they think of your message, they decide what they think of you, and therefore once you establish trust and respect, your strength is a welcome reassurance.


“If you manipulate people, we will get exactly what we asked for, but if we inspire people, we will get more than what we asked for” said Simon Sinek.
So how to be an inspiring leader?

An inspiring leader should always set a goal, be a source of inspiration that pulls people from the front, not just motivation that pushes from the back, which helps them focus on not only WHAT needs to be done but also WHY those need to be done, they then make senses of the ultimate goal.

Inspirational leaders also understand their people, both advantages and disadvantages. They can identify Motivators and Demotivators to build an effective theme for their team to uncover their maximum potential. Besides, inspired leaders ensure the high performers are praised and valued, on the other hand under-performers or non-performers are actively managed to improve progressively.

Maintaining an inspirational team requires consistent reinforcement and continuous improvement, as well as uncovering new ways to motivate your people.

Becoming a good leader is not an easy goal, it requires one to consistently practice it, but if you believe that people deserve to have a good leader, you will be one.

Quynh Diep Lan

Quynh Diep Lan

Hi everyone, I am Quynh - a lovely Cancer (in horoscope) ;) - who is naturally introverted and selectively extroverted. I am taking over as a project manager in NashTech VietNam, please join me for the upcoming journey where we can learn from each other...

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