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Getting Started with Lighthouse CI for Performance Testing

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For websites to succeed in today’s digital environment, we must perform at our best in order to draw and keep users. A strong tool that aids in monitoring and enhancing web application performance is called Lighthouse CI. We can follow the instructions in this blog post to set up Lighthouse CI for performance testing.

Lighthouse CI: What is it?

With the help of the open-source Lighthouse CI tool, created by Google, website developers may automate performance testing. To evaluate different elements of web performance, including page load speeds, accessibility, best practices, and more, it makes use of Lighthouse, an automated tool for auditing web pages.

Lighthouse CI setup

We must have Node.js installed on our PC in order to start using it. Create a new project directory to start, then use the command line to access it. Then, execute “npm init” to start a fresh npm project, and “npm install -g lighthouse-ci” to set up this. Once the installation is complete, we can set up it by adding the URLs which we wish to test and any other configurations to the a.lighthouserc.js file in your project directory.

Running Lighthouse CI tests 

By using the command “lighthouse-ci –config=path/to/.lighthouserc.js” after setting up the configuration file, we can run its tests. It will examine the URLs, which will also produce performance reports and offer suggestions for improvement. We can track the performance of your website over time thanks to the performance score it also generates.

Working with Lighthouse CI as part of your workflow 

Consider including it in our continuous integration (CI) pipeline to integrate it into your development workflow. By automating performance testing, we can identify performance regressions early and make sure your website keeps performing at its best with every change in the code. These tests can be automated with the aid of programs like Jenkins, Travis CI, or GitHub Actions.

Using data from Lighthouse CI

This delivers thorough reports that include precise performance measurements and useful recommendations for improvement. You can improve user experience, speed up websites, and discover and prioritize performance bottlenecks with these reports. We can continuously improve the performance of your website by making wise decisions based on regular analysis of the reports.


Enhancing the performance of online apps, it is a valuable tool. We can proactively solve performance issues and provide a seamless user experience by automating performance testing. By integrating this into our workflow, we can build websites that perform well and leave an impact on your users.

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