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How to configure EC2 instance backup with AWS Backup Service 

Naincy Kumari
Naincy Kumari
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Hello Readers!! We are again back with an exciting topic I.e AWS Backup Service. In this blog we will see how we can configure EC2 instance backup with AWS Backup Service. Before this we will see what is AWD Backup Service how we can use this. After this we will see each step during the configuration process. 

So, let’s start! 

AWS Backup Service: 

AWS Backup is a fully managed backup service provided by Amazon Web Services (AWS). It simplifies the process of creating, managing, and restoring backups of your data across various AWS services. AWS Backup enables you to centralize and automate the backup of your AWS resources, including Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS) volumes, Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS) databases, Amazon DynamoDB tables, Amazon Elastic File System (EFS) file systems, and more. 

Features of AWS Backup Service: 

  • AWS Backup provides a centralized console and API to manage backups across multiple AWS services. 
  • We can define backup schedules and set the frequency at which backups should be created. AWS Backup handles the automatic creation of backups according to the defined schedules. 
  • AWS Backup allows you to define retention rules to determine how long to retain your backups. 
  • We can create backups in different AWS regions and even copy backups across AWS accounts. 
  • AWS Backup supports point-in-time recovery for various AWS services, allowing you to restore data to a specific moment in time. 
  • AWS Backup provides monitoring capabilities to track the status of your backups and generate reports on backup activity and compliance. 

Overall, AWS Backup simplifies the backup process and helps ensure the availability and durability of your data in AWS by providing a unified backup management solution for a wide range of AWS resources. 

How to configure EC2 instance backup with AWS Backup Service 

Here is the EC2 instance for which I want to create backup using AWS Backup Service. 

In your AWS Management Console, open Backup service. Click on Create Backup plan. 

There are three types of way to create backup plan: 

  1. Start with a template: We can use inbuilt template for creating backup plan. 
  1. Build a new plan: By using this we can create backup plan from scratch. 
  1. Define a plan using JSON: We can define plan in the JSON format. 

Let’s build the backup plan from scratch. Give here the name for your plan. 

Now, set up backup rule configuration. For this mention the name for backup rule. We can also create new backup vault. 

Click on Create new backup vault. 

Fill the details and click on create. 

For backup frequency we have the following options. Choose it as per your need. 

I have selected the plan for weekly. 

For how many days you want to keep backup mention that here. Select the retention period and region also. 

After this click on create plan.  

Now, we need to assign resources for which we are creating this backup plan. Mention here the resource assignment name. 

Select specific resource types. Select your EC2 that you have created.  

Click on Assign Resources. Now, its configuration is done successfully. 

And this is the dashboard provided by AWS Backup plan: 

We are all set to use this backup now!!! 


In this blog we have seen how we can configure EC2 instance backup with AWS Backup Service. If this blog helped you somewhere do like this blog and share it with needful. Thanks for being with me till end. Happy Learning!! 

Naincy Kumari

Naincy Kumari

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