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How to Setup Jenkins on Kubernetes Cluster with Helm.

Mohd Muzakkir Saifi
Mohd Muzakkir Saifi
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Hello learners, I am back with another blog. In this Blog, we will learn about the Jenkins setup. We will see how we can set up Jenkins in the Kubernetes cluster using HELM. If you like my blogs, you can read more blogs here. Let’s start.


Jenkins is an open-source automation server. Basically, it is used for continuous integration and continuous delivery which is also known as CI/CD of software projects. It is capable to automate the developer’s tasks like building, testing, and deploying applications. Jenkins provides a web-based UI interface for creating and managing automated workflows, known as jobs or pipelines. It integrates with version control systems, build tools, testing frameworks, and deployment technologies, enabling teams to streamline their software development processes.

Let’s setup:-

First of all, you need to install the helm in your system and I have divided this setup into the steps:-

  1. I will use the minikube in this blog. So first start the minikube using the below command:
minikube start


2. Install the helm in your system:-

sudo apt-get install helm

3. We will use the latest Jenkins helm chart:-

helm repo add jenkins

4. It will download the latest Jenkins chart and then update this using the below command:-

helm repo update

5. Install the Jenkins chart in the Minikube

helm install myjenkins jenkins/jenkins


6. You can run the below command to fetch the password of Jenkins and the user name will be admin.

kubectl exec --namespace default -it svc/myjenkins  -- /bin/cat /run/secrets/additional/chart-admin-password && echo


7. Now, get the URL and verify the Jenkins web server:

kubectl --namespace default port-forward svc/myjenkins 8080:8080


In this blog, We have learned about Jenkins like how to deploy Jenkins on the minikube cluster using the official helm chart. I have defined the complete process in the steps. If you like my blog then you can like this or If you want to read more blogs then follow this link and also check out more about the helm.

Mohd Muzakkir Saifi

Mohd Muzakkir Saifi

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