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What is LazyDocker and how to use it.

Mohd Muzakkir Saifi
Mohd Muzakkir Saifi
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Hello Learners, I am back with another blog. In today’s blog, we will learn about the LAZYDOCKER, what is lazydocker and how to use it for the docker. We will see the complete installation and demo of it. If you like my blogs, you can read more blogs here.


Docker become the game changer for developers to build, and run applications. It allows the containerization, applications and their dependencies to be packaged into a single container, ensure us about consistency and portability across different environments. It also provides a powerful platform for managing the container.

What is LazyDocker?

LazyDocker is an open-source tool that provides a user-friendly terminal interface for managing Docker containers, images, volumes, and networks. It offers a more interactive and visual way to interact with Docker and allows us to manage the container, monitor the container and images.

Why LazyDocker?

There is no doubt that we have lots of Docker’s command-line interfaces (CLI) that are very powerful, but it can also be complex and difficult to remember all the commands and options. LazyDocker comes into the picture to make it easy and simple Docker management by providing a user-friendly alternative that allows developers to perform common Docker tasks without having to remember the command syntax. You can easily perform the operation with the UI instead of docker commands.

How does LazyDocker work?

LazyDocker is built using Golang and leverages the Docker API to interact with Docker’s functionalities. It provides a terminal user interface (TUI) that displays all the Docker information in a visually appealing and interactive manner. You can navigate to the different resources and check the real-time container logs and many more things.

Features and Benefits:-

LazyDocker offers many features and benefits that make it a popular choice among developers:

1. Interactive UI:-

LazyDocker provides an interactive terminal interface that displays all your containers, images, volumes, and networks in an organized manner. You can use the UI to navigate to the other images, containers, and logs. It makes monitoring easy.

2. Real-time Container Logs:-

With LazyDocker, you can view real-time logs of running containers directly from the interface. You can switch between the container with this terminal UI.

3. Container and Image Management:-

LazyDocker allows you to start, stop, restart, and remove containers with a few simple keystrokes. You can also view detailed information about each container, such as CPU and memory usage, IP address, and mapped ports.

4. Volume and Network Management:-

It also allows you to the management of Docker volumes and networks. You can create, remove, and inspect volumes and networks directly from the terminal UI.

5. Improved Developer Productivity:-

You do not need to remember all docker commands because whatever you will do with the help of the docker command. you can do that operation using this terminal UI almost.


Installing process is straightforward and can be done in a few steps. You will need to have Docker already installed on your system.

curl -Lo lazydocker.tar.gz "${LAZYDOCKER_VERSION}_Linux_x86_64.tar.gz"

mkdir lazydocker_install

tar xf lazydocker.tar.gz -C lazydocker_install

sudo mv lazydocker_install/lazydocker /usr/local/bin

lazydocker --version

Running LazyDocker:-

Once LazyDocker is installed, you can run it by simply executing the lazydocker command in your terminal. The LazyDocker UI will launch your terminal UI with a colorful and interactive interface:


Now, we will see how to run lazy docker and how to check the logs or other docker resources. As we have installed the lazydocker in the last step and now it’s time to check the terminal UI. simply run the below command and check the containers:-


You will see a terminal UI below:-

Now, I am running a hello world image using docker:-

docker run hello-world

You can see the image in the lazydocker terminal UI:-


LazyDocker is a fantastic tool for developers who prefer to perform actions or operations on the visual instead of CLI. You can say that a beginner can also perform the operation using this. We have seen how to install lazydocker in Linux and perform the action on it. You do not need to remember the command every time.

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Mohd Muzakkir Saifi

Mohd Muzakkir Saifi

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