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The superiority Taurus brings that few tools can do

Lam Pham
Lam Pham
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Let’s say you have a web application that has previously tested performance using JMeter. Now that the customer has a need to develop a new module, you need to test the performance of both the new module and all the previous modules. But the problem is either you are not familiar with Jmeter but you are only familiar with K6, or that with this new module K6 can meet because of technical factors that JMeter cannot solve. Then this is the time when you will find Taurus amazing.

Taurus provides the ability to invoke performance testing tools concurrently, to execute multiple code written in different formats, and to display immediate results on the console.

Taurus can call many types of tools, including: JMeter, K6, Gatling, Locust, Postman, and even Selenium and many more.
The special thing is that you can easily run Taurus on the BlazeMeter cloud service, which is powerful and quite familiar at a reasonable cost.

The question is, so what are its strengths and limitations, yes, any tool has limitations and the important thing is how do we use its strengths and minimize its limited influence. Specifically, when you use Taurus to run selenium, you will have to write your own scripts in the Yaml language, if you want to use the java or python scripts available from Selenium, you can run with only 1 user instead of being able to load tests with multiple users simultaneously.
But perhaps this limitation is not a big issue because you don’t always need to use selenium, right?

With Taurus, you can quickly configure it to run, suitable for simple test goals, but if the test scenario is too long or complex, you should reconsider. Because Yaml is so simple, it will be difficult for you to manage it with complex goals.
In short, if you have a situation where you need to use multiple performance testing tools to solve your problem, then Taurus is the choice.

Lam Pham

Lam Pham

I am a Senior Test Team Manager at NashTech with 20+ years of experience in software testing, with a strong background in quality control and software testing across various platforms, including Windows, Mac OS, web, and mobile applications. Experienced with a proven track record in leading successful testing initiatives across diverse industries. Adept at managing teams, implementing test strategies, and ensuring the delivery of high-quality software products. I am specializing in performance testing and have in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience in this area.

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