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Triggers in Azure Logic Apps

Vikas Vashisth
Vikas Vashisth
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Starting with Azure Logic Apps

Welcome to the world of cloud automation where we have Azure Logic Apps, Let’s start with the initials and understand the triggers in Azure Logic apps

Azure provides Logic apps to automate or even create our own workflows without worrying about coding
by just designing implementation also.

By using the integrate and inbuilt operations we can create workflows very quickly and manages multiple
apps and services also.

Azure Logic Apps provides low-code to no-code tools for developing highly scalable integration solutions
for the enterprise and business-to-business (B2B) scenarios.

Steps to Create a logic app

Here, In this example, we will take the GitHub trigger in the Logic app and utilise its pre-defined process like Getting the list of all items from the PR and getting the details from it.

  • First, we need to create a Logic App using our Azure Cloud account, and use the Consumption plan as it saves cost and only charges for real-time usage :

  • Use the Blank Logic App template, so that we can start from scratch :

  • Then in the option, Select the option “When a Pull request is created or modified” and filled
    the details :

  • Select the action like in this, we have selected Outlook mail so that we can the raw URL
    of the content in the GitHub PR to view what all changes have been done.

  • Here is the Workflow of Logic App with all the steps included for end-to-end
    automation :

  • Here we have created a sample GitHub Repo for testing and raised a PR for the trigger to be active:

  • Here, the automation has been triggered and all the steps have been executed successfully :

  • Here is the mail with the output link of raw URL where we can find the contents of the raised PR :


As we saw in the above demonstration how we can automate various services and their functionality to ease of code for the development side and for the operation side as well as using the triggers in Azure Logic apps.

Here at our organisation, we encourage to work on such active newly updated services,
technology and tools so that our clients get the best services.

Use our TechHubs template for more references :


Vikas Vashisth

Vikas Vashisth

Vikas Vashisth is working as a Sr.DevOps Engineer at Knoldus | Part of Nashtech with having more than multiple years of experience in the field of continuous integration and delivery, infrastructure automation, and containerization enables me to build scalable, reliable, and highly available environments. I am proficient in tools such as Docker, Kubernetes, Jenkins, Ansible, and Terraform, and have experience working with cloud platforms such as AWS, GCP, and Azure.

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