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Announcement banner for confluence

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What is Confluence?

In one location, create, collaborate, and organize all of your work. Knowledge and cooperation come together in a team workspace called Confluence. Further, dynamic pages provide a space for your team to develop, record, and work together on any project or concept. Spaces assist your team in structuring, organizing, and sharing work so that each team member has access to the data they need to produce their best work as well as visibility into institutional knowledge.

Confluence is for teams of all sizes and types, from those with mission-critical, high-stakes projects that require rigour behind their practises to those seeking a space to develop team culture and interact with one another in a more genuine and open way. With Confluence, your team can decide quickly, align, and work more effectively as a unit.

What is Banner in Confluence?

Display important information, such as upcoming deadlines and scheduled maintenance, at the top of your Confluence instance.You can set a system-wide message that will appear at the top of all Confluence pages using the Announcement Banner for Confluence.

  • Features
    • support for JavaScript, HTML, and CSS
    • Four distinct levels of visibility
  • What is planned for the next releases?
    • templates for reusable announcements
    • supports multiple languages

Setting Up an Announcement

To display relevant information on all Confluence pages, administrators can configure an announcement banner. This banner can be used to communicate critical information to all users (such as impending project deadlines, scheduled server maintenance, etc.).

The banner can be set up to include plain text or HTML code, as well as enhancements made with JavaScript or CSS. Please take care and double-check your HTML, CSS, and JavaScript syntax before saving the form because the configured announcement banner will be displayed on all pages of your Confluence instance.


To add CSS or JavaScript code in the Announcement Banner for Confluence you must enclose your code with the proper HTML tag.

Here you go an example:


<script> your javascript code goes here… </script>

CSS Styles

<style> your css code goes here… </style>

How to install Announcement Banner for Confluence

  1. Log into your Confluence instance using a Confluence System Administrator account.
  2. Click the admin dropdown and choose Add-ons.
    The Manage add-ons screen loads.
  3. Click Find new add-ons from the left-hand side of the page.
  4. Locate the Announcement Banner for Confluence via search.
    You will not find the app if your Confluence version is not supported.
  5. Click Install to download and install your app.
  6. You’re all set!
    Click Close in the Installed and ready-to-go dialog.

Additionally, by selecting the ‘Preview’ button before submitting your new announcement, you may see how it will appear. Further, if any was configured, this will momentarily take the place of the prior announcement on the current page. However, until you choose to save it by clicking the ‘Save’ button, no changes will be made outside of this page, so people will continue to view the prior announcement banner in their browser.

Banner Visibility Mode

Who will see the banner depends on the configuration of the announcement banner visibility level. Four different modes exist:

  1. Public — The banner will be visible to everyone.
  2. Private — Banner will be visible to logged-in users only.
  3. External — The banner will be visible to anonymous (that is non-logged-in) users only.
  4. Disable — Banner won’t be displayed.

Schedule your announcement

The ‘Scheduling’ element of the announcement setup page allows you to schedule your announcement in advance or to just display one.

However, you can specify when an announcement should start displaying to users by using the start date, and you can specify when an announcement should cease appearing to users by using the end date. The two date fields and then can be ignored. This enables you to generate announcements that begin immediately but terminate on a certain date or announcements that begin immediately but end on a specific date.

Note: The Confluence server offset is used to hold both dates. By going to the System Information page, you can find out your system’s exact date.

Available Advanced Options

The announcement banner behavior however can be polished even more by configuring the ‘Advanced Options’ section.

Available options you can set up are:

  1. Printable

If checked, the print functionality of your browser will display the announcement banner when printing any page. In other words, when you use the Ctrl+P keyboard shortcut or the browser’s “File Print” menu.

  1. Closable

If it is checked, however, users will have the option to momentarily remove the active announcement banner. When this option is turned on, your announcements’ top-right corner will automatically show an (X) symbol. The current announcement will be buried for the following days after being clicked. The value entered during configuration will determine the actual number of days. The announcement will reappear following that time. However, users have the option to reveal the concealed announcement at any moment by clicking the icon located next to their profile image in Confluence’s top navigation bar.

Note: Use 9999 days (about 27 years) as the value in this field if you want users to be able to permanently close the current announcement.


A Confluence software called Announcement Banner for Confluence enables you to set a system-wide message that will appear at the top of all Confluence pages. This is quite helpful if you want to display important information and make sure that everyone is aware of it (such as server maintenance, impending deadlines, etc.).




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