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How To Generate Auth Token for Sonar

What is Sonar? SonarSource developed a platform called SonarQube as an open-source tool for continuously evaluating the caliber of new code. Static code analysis is done by Sonar, which produces a detailed report of mistakes, code smells, vulnerabilities, and duplicate lines of code.It has built-in rulesets for more than 25 of the most popular programming …

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Announcement banner for confluence

What is Confluence? In one location, create, collaborate, and organize all of your work. Knowledge and cooperation come together in a team workspace called Confluence. Further, dynamic pages provide a space for your team to develop, record, and work together on any project or concept. Spaces assist your team in structuring, organizing, and sharing work …

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file parameter plugin in jenkins

What is Cloudbees CI ? To deliver CI at scale, CloudBees CI is a fully featured, cloud-native capability that can be hosted on-premises or in the public cloud. It gives all your development teams using Jenkins a shared, centrally controlled, self-service experience. On contemporary cloud infrastructure, CloudBees CI is made to function with Kubernetes. For …

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How To Upload Custom Quality Profile in Sonarqube

What is SonarQube A self-managed, automatic code review tool called SonarQube methodically aids in the production of clean code. SonarQube, a key component of our Sonar product, works with your current workflow to spot errors in your code and then aids in the ongoing code inspection of your projects. Further to make sure your code …

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Mural integration with jira

Overview A visual workspace that facilitates collaboration for distant teams is called MURAL. Modern teams and individuals may interact across time zones and regions and graphically explore complicated problems thanks to the capability of digital whiteboards. No matter where they are in the globe, MURAL’s cloud-based platform enables users to conduct research, generate ideas, and …

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Pages for the bitbucket server

Overview For every branch or tag that already exists in Bitbucket, Pages for Bitbucket offers a straightforward method for publishing web pages. View this branch’s HTML files or add tags directly in Bitbucket. You can also link to other HTML files or resources like CSS, JavaScript, or pictures using relative links. With Javascript support and …

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