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I'm a Test Lead with 15+ years of experience in the software testing to manage a team of 7 members at peak time. I have strong experience in Manual tests, API tests, Performance tests, and Security Test in various domains including Finance, Education, E-commerce, Health, Advertisement, Logistic, Law, and Games. I'm expert in creating test coverage in high-level requirement and testing microservices application as well with ISTQB Foundation Certificate.

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Using JMeter or K6 for Performance Test?

When you need to do a performance test and you want to choose a tool that is open source, has effective performance, and good reporting as well but is also easy to maintain. K6 and JMeter are two popular open-source load testing tools that have unique features and advantages. In this post, I will share …

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Comparing Test Management Tools for Jira  

Jira is a powerful project management tool that enables teams to plan, track, and collaborate on their work. With its robust features and user-friendly interface, Jira simplifies the process of task management, issue tracking, and progress monitoring. Jira integrates with a wide range of third-party tools, including the test management tools. It allows project team …

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Testing Approach for the Microservices Application

As we know that a Microservices Application is a software application architecture where the application is built as a collection of small, loosely coupled, and independently deployable services called microservices. Each microservice represents a self-contained component that can be developed, deployed, and managed independently of other microservices. With 3+ years of experience in testing the …

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