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Program - Project Management, Process Architect, and Process Automation using Software Bots(RPA). Experience in IT Applications building all domains of the manufacturing Industry.

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Let robot keep your IT asset safeguarded from vulnerabilities

Introduction One India-based bank lost $13.5M due to not having the latest version of firmware on the network switch handling ATM services.  Hackers exploited the switch vulnerability to withdraw money using fraudulent ATM cards from different countries. Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVEs), are the weaknesses in a piece of computer software or firmware in non-computer …

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you owe it to your employees. give the information they need using software bots.

Employees need information within SLA and in secured manner.
Self Service application remains idle for 8o% of the time.
Managed help desk add to cost and dependency.
Software Bot serving as Employee Help Desk, meet the employee needs, save cost (license & help desk staff) , reduce dependency and available for 24×7 schedule.