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I'm a solution architect at NashTech. I live and work with the quote, "Nothing is impossible; Just how to do that!". When facing problems, we can solve them by building them all from scratch or finding existing solutions and making them one. Technically, we don't have right or wrong in the choice. Instead, we choose which solutions or approaches based on input factors. Solving problems and finding reasonable solutions to reach business requirements is my favorite.

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AWS App Runner Simple Demo

AWS App Runner Simple Demo

Continue the previous blog about App Runner: AWS App Runner – Why and Price. Today, we will build a simple Node.js application. After that, I hope we will have the same background when discussing AWS App Runner. Introduce the AWS App Runner Deploy containerized web applications and APIs at scale. This fully managed container application …

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Serverless framework

Serverless Framework Hand-on

We can use the Serverless Framework to develop and deploy AWS Lambda functions. It’s a CLI that offers structure, automation, and best practices out of the box. So that allows you to focus on building sophisticated, event-driven, serverless architectures comprised of Functions and Events. Today, we will hand-on build a serverless app to understand aws …

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