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Getting Started with Kustomize

Vikas Vashisth
Vikas Vashisth
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Hello Everyone and Let’s get start with the new blog on Kustomize.

Welcome to the new blog where we are going to introduce a new topic in the field of deployment technology called Kustomize or Kustomization

Introduction to Kustomize

Kustomize is an open source configuration management tool for Kubernetes. To perform various operations like

deployment, services, configMaps and many more for multiple domains or environments without changing the actual

Kubernetes manifest files.

It works on the base and overlays approach where we have a base where we have all the manifest files of Kubernetes

and in overlays, we have multiple defined files that can be configured for each environment as well.

Concept of Kustomization

Let’s see the two major parts of the above diagram:

  • Base
  • Overlays

In the base section of Kubernetes we have all the manifest which is to be consider as the basic configuration.

Like, we have:-

  • deployment.yml
  • service.yml
  • configMap.yml

And also, we have Kustomization.yml which stores all the resource files which is or can be needed to changed as per the

Kustomize approach.

In overlays, we use patches to modify the configuration of Kubernetes manifest files. It consists of:

  - target:
      kind: Deployment
      name: test-deployment
    patch: |-
      - op: replace
        path: /spec/replicas
        value: 3

Similarly, we can use other configuration files like deployment, configMap, services and many more for different environments so that we can deploy the application across various domains.

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Vikas Vashisth

Vikas Vashisth

Vikas Vashisth is working as a Sr.DevOps Engineer at Knoldus | Part of Nashtech with having more than multiple years of experience in the field of continuous integration and delivery, infrastructure automation, and containerization enables me to build scalable, reliable, and highly available environments. I am proficient in tools such as Docker, Kubernetes, Jenkins, Ansible, and Terraform, and have experience working with cloud platforms such as AWS, GCP, and Azure.

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