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Revolutionizing Insurance: Seamless Digitalization with the power of Chatbot

Honey Sulkiya
Honey Sulkiya
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Nash Insurance Chatbot


As automation enthusiasts, we constantly look for new RPA applications to extend our experience, challenge our developments skills and meet (an exceed) our customers’ expectations. That is why recently, we took a closer look at the insurance sector and developed a automated solution streamlining the Claim Registration process to show the art of possible.


Welcome to our Nash Insurance Chatbot, powered by Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and integrated workflows. We’re excited to introduce a cutting-edge solution that combines the power of chatbot technology with automation capabilities to revolutionize the insurance industry. In the world of insurance claim processing, the art of the possible has come to life with RPA and chatbot automation.

Insurance processes can often be time-consuming and manual, involving numerous tasks and paperwork. Our innovative chatbot, backed by RPA and intelligent workflows, is designed to automate and streamline these processes, saving valuable time and effort of every person involved in the process.

By leveraging RPA (Microsoft Power Automate), our chatbot can interact with multiple systems and databases, perform data entry tasks, retrieve and update information, and even initiate and complete routine processes. This automation eliminates the need for manual intervention, reduces errors, and ensures consistent and efficient handling of insurance-related tasks. By building the process as a workflow, the status of the claim is easy to track, approvals are stremlined and it is ensured that right people are involved in the process in the right time.

Currently, our chatbot can assist with claims processing and claim status check, but the capability can be extended for automating workflows like policy issuance, policy renewals etc. It can guide the end user through the necessary steps, gather required information, validate data, and provide real-time updates on the progress of the request.

By having a single location where all process-related steps are seamlessly handled, Claim Processing turnaround time can be massively decreased. No more handling approvals via email, no more hunting for different forms at each step, and no more jumping from one system to another in search of client’s personal details. The colaboration between people, chatbot and RPA bring the process to a whole new level.


Chatbot interface : Hosted on Microsoft default website

Welcome screen

Claim registration form

Reusability among various business use case

And what is the best about this solution? Its re-usability. It is applicable to various business cases across different domains. Here are some examples:

Customer Support: The chatbot can be repurposed for customer support in other industries. By integrating with relevant systems and databases, the chatbot can assist customers with common queries, provide information, and guide them through self-service options.

Sales and Lead Generation: The chatbot can be adapted to handle sales inquiries and lead generation processes. It can engage with potential customers, collect information, qualify leads, and even initiate the sales process by capturing relevant details and routing them to the appropriate sales team.

Appointment Scheduling: The chatbot’s appointment scheduling capabilities can be reused in various sectors such as healthcare, beauty salons, consulting services, or any business that requires appointment management. Users can interact with the chatbot to check availability, book appointments, and receive confirmation details.

Order Processing: The chatbot can be extended to handle order processing tasks. It can assist customers in placing orders, checking order status, and providing updates. The integration with backend systems can enable the chatbot to automate order fulfillment processes and handle exceptions.

HR and Employee Services: The chatbot can be leveraged for HR-related tasks such as employee onboarding, leave management, or answering frequently asked HR questions. It can provide employees with quick access to information and help streamline HR processes.

IT Support: The chatbot can be adapted to provide IT support by troubleshooting common technical issues, guiding users through self-service options, and escalating complex problems to the appropriate IT personnel. It can also assist in password resets, software installations, or network configurations.


By harnessing the power of Power Automate and integrating it with an Insurance Chatbot, the claims processing workflow can be significantly improved. But this is not where the art of possible ends. The combination of intelligent automation and conversational AI streamlines the process, enhances customer experience, and enables insurance companies to deliver efficient and effective services. Embrace the future of claims processing with integrated solution can transform insurance operations.

Honey Sulkiya

Honey Sulkiya

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