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Toàn is a Data Solutions Architect with over 10 years of experience at Nash Tech, specializing in cloud-based data solutions on Azure, AWS, and GCP. My skills encompass database design architecture, AI, machine learning, natural language processing, computer vision, performance tuning, and optimization. I excel at designing efficient database systems, developing intelligent solutions, and optimizing data operations for maximum performance. With my comprehensive expertise, I deliver robust and tailored data solutions that leverage cutting-edge technologies to solve complex business problems.

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Databricks – Connecting to Databricks via FASTAPI

Key takeaways:By employing FastAPI to establish a connection with Databricks, users can effortlessly access Delta Lake tables and make them accessible through APIs. This integration facilitates real-time data consumption and interaction, empowering developers to build efficient and scalable applications that leverage the capabilities of Databricks for Big Data processing and Delta Lake. Introduction FastAPI serves …

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Accessing Delta lake without using spark

Key takeaways:Delta Lake, an optimized storage layer, offers advantages like ACID transactions, schema enforcement, and data versioning. Connecting to Delta Lake may be a challenge for many data engineers. This article introduces a straightforward solution using the widely adopted and popular Python and FastAPI framework. Introduction Delta Lake Delta Lake, developed by Databricks and released …

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