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AWS App Runner – Why & Price

Trần Minh
Trần Minh
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When we need to build a website and deploy it to a Cloud Provider (AWS, Azure, GCP), what makes us scared? Besides that, we need to learn how to make it secure and to know how to make it High Availability. Although we heard about Docker and Kubernetes, what is it, and how can we use them on the cloud? In conclusion, we need more concerns to make the best website on the cloud. So today, we will look at AWS App Runner – a fully managed container application service that can help us deploy containerized web applications and APIs at scale.

Why do we need AWS App Runner?

AWS App Runner diagram
AWS App Runner Diagram

As we know, AWS App Runner is a fully managed container application, and it can help us a lot with testing, reviewing code, deployment, scale, and security. Above all, it has 4 advantages in concept.

  • Build and run secure web applications at scale without prior container or infrastructure experience.
  • Scale your applications cost-effectively, with high availability and low latency.
  • You only need to focus on your application because app runner can help you meet your infrastructure and compliance requirements.
  • Connect to AWS database, cache, and message queue services that support your applications.

But from the developer or the business view, what is the real advantage of this AWS service?

  • We don’t need to learn new technologies, AWS App Runner supports many popular languages today (refer to App Runner service based on source code)
  • App Runner connects directly to your code or image repository. After that, based on your configuration (apprunner.yaml or manual), App Runner will build complete websites or APIs.
  • We don’t need to think about integration or delivery pipeline. AWS App Runner will help us to do those tasks with fully managed operations, high performance, scalability, and security.
Create service and deploy code
Create App Runner Service

How about pricing?

Configure and pricing
The price form configure to run app

Your service will build a provisioned container and wait to request from end users. Therefore, that will help with fast response and low latency.

Cost for app runner application
AWS App Runner Pricing Diagram

You are charged for the compute and memory resources used by your application.

  • If you automate your deployments, you will pay a monthly fee for each application that covers all automated deployments for that month.
  • If you opt to deploy from the source code, you will pay a build fee for the time it takes App Runner to build a container from your source code.

Application deploy and process


AWS App Runner is a good choice if you want a website with easy steps to build and deploy. This AWS service helps us to avoid scaring to join a cloud service with little knowledge. Besides that, our development team doesn’t need to change anything in their code. They only need to learn to use the App Runner console and configure it by YAML file.

I already build a simple step-by-step in another blog to describe how to build Node in AWS App Service. You can click here to access and get more information.


Trần Minh

Trần Minh

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