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Switch Case in Logic App

Vikas Vashisth
Vikas Vashisth
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Hello Everyone and Welcome again to the series of Automation in Azure Cloud this time we will see how we can use switch case in the Logic app.

As previously we have seen the other usage of Azure Logic App.

As we know developers need to deal with the conditions in programming and one of the most widely use of

Switch cases were adopted.

Steps for Switch Case Execution

Let’s, first create a Logic App which shows the cases of switch, for beginners to make the Logic App, please follow the References Links below.

  • Here is the workflow of Logic app :

  • Here is the continuation of the Logic App workflow, we are adding the
    “Parse JSON” action and uploading the schema of our JSON file

  • In the last step of the Logic App Workflow, we used the Switch Case for the trigger in parallel

  • After. triggering the Logic app through GitHub like in our previous blogs, the result shows one of the Switch cases
    executed :

  • In our ADO pipeline, we were able to execute our pipelines based on the cases which we have written in the Logic App Workflow :

Summary of using Switch Case in Logic

So from the above steps, we have showcased the workflow which can trigger the ADO pipelines
through the Switch case. This helps us to execute the services of Azure through the Logic app parallel
which makes the execution faster and less time-consuming.


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Vikas Vashisth

Vikas Vashisth

Vikas Vashisth is working as a Sr.DevOps Engineer at Knoldus | Part of Nashtech with having more than multiple years of experience in the field of continuous integration and delivery, infrastructure automation, and containerization enables me to build scalable, reliable, and highly available environments. I am proficient in tools such as Docker, Kubernetes, Jenkins, Ansible, and Terraform, and have experience working with cloud platforms such as AWS, GCP, and Azure.

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